Have you spotted our flycatchers?

2nd July 2018

In the garden of Willow Cottage and Hart Barn our guests are enjoying watching spotted flycatchers flitting in and out of their rather intriguingly positioned nest. We went away on holiday to find that upon our return we had very close neighbours. The nest, an exquisite little scrape of grass is tucked behind some ancient horseshoes by our back door. Originally left there by the owner of the barn who converted it 30 years ago, we always felt they were a symbol of luck and hope this extends to our nesting pair who have 4 eggs to hatch. At the same time another pair have nested amongst the wisteria at the front of Stone Cottage and guests report that 4 chicks have hatched. We love our wildlife and have birdfeeders at all of our cottages and are RSPB members ourselves and regularly venture to the wonderful reserve at Leighton Moss, just south of the Lakes. So please so ask if you would like to search out the local wildlife – we are always happy to help

Flycatcher nest…..and now with chicks


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